Exam Mapping and Comments – Information to help you with your Science Exams


Exam mapping and comments Apr 2017 – student version



Getting exam-ready with Tassomai

Tassomai is the perfect revision tool for the holidays – help your students get the most out of Tassomai this Easter by reminding them what the quiz card colours mean, and how they affect their progress.


Orange and Red Questions

You answered these incorrectly last time – see if you can remember why, get them right, and make headway!

Green and Purple Questions

You got these right last time – but watch out! If you get them wrong this time you could lose progress…

Keep the Wheel Green!

The main thing to remember when using Tassomai is to keep your wheel green (or better, blue) – then you’ll be ready in time for exams!


What are Purple Questions?

If a question goes unanswered for more than 90 days, you’ll lose your score for it.  Keeping your wheel on track each day will avoid this happening, but look out for these purple questions and make sure you get them right!

Blue Questions

Blue questions are new questions!
Give them your best shot, but don’t worry if you get them wrong.


We have purchased logins for all of our year 11 Science students to help them improve their exam grades through targeted practice and questioning on each of their topics.

If you or your child have not received a login please contact your science teacher to obtain your username and password.



GCSE  Science – Revision Powerpoints

B1 revision 2016 KPA

B2 revision 2016 KPA

B3 revision 2016 KPA

C1 revision summary posters AZD 2015

C2 pre exam knowledge 2016

Chemistry 3 Key Ideas

P1 Exam Revision


P3 Pre-exam revision