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Dear Parent/Carer,

Following on from your child’s recent practical music exam, and with all coursework now virtually handed in, the only remaining assessment in GCSE music is the listening exam which takes place on June 9.

Due to exams beginning on May 16 this means that students may often miss their timetabled music lessons.

Currently, with all practical work having been completed, lessons are now entirely focused on listening exam preparation. The time is spent going over content that students are expected to be actively covering at home.

Below is a comprehensive list of links, advice and resources to aid pupils in preparing for the listening exam. Students have had weekly theory lessons for some of year 10, and all of year 11 in preparation for this exam, as well as two pre-public exams for this paper. Therefore the students are all aware of what they should complete at home as part of their preparation and this is an email to further inform parents of the expectations leading up to the exam; revision for the exam should be happening now, and regularly.

All of the resources below are also posted on Show My Homework with a due date of 9 June.

Every past paper dating back to June 2010 is available on Show My Homework, complete with audio tracks so that students can practise papers and mark them themselves using the mark scheme attached. Students should try and complete one paper per week.

The websites below have all been covered in class and are all crucial in students practising regularly for the exam. Some of the sites require simply just 5 minutes a day. Others are more comprehensive and are to be used for testing.




























  • All of the styles that need to be learned for the listening exam are hosted on this website – Quizlet.com. Quizlet is an interactive website and mobile app with various methods of testing for students to work through for a short amount of time each day – 10-15 minutes:




  • Students have all been given three colour copies of the textbook below. This textbook contains effectively all of the information to help students pass the listening exam successfully. The link to the book itself is below but students have been given copies. Rather than simply reading through the books, it is advised that students make notes, answer the short questions in the book and create resources such as flash cards or posters to help them better absorb the content:




I hope you find this email helpful in explaining exactly what students should access in order to get the very best grade in this exam.


If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,


Mr Laviolette