Revision Tips General


  1. Plan ahead – don’t leave your revision until the night before the exam, you will only put extra pressure on yourself. Try planning ahead instead of last minute cramming.
  1. Timetable – as soon as you know your exam timetable, start thinking about a revision plan and what your priorities should be.
  1. Do little and often – when deciding how long and how often you should revise, try making your study periods short but frequent to ensure you maintain your focus and concentration. Long revision sessions are often less productive.
  1. Make revision notes – as you go back through your work, make revision notes to help you remember and understand the key points.   Find a system that works for you – maybe cards, lists or spider diagrams.  Ask your teacher for help if you are stuck.
  1. Get teacher feedback – speak to your teachers regularly about your progress.  They can identify problem areas for you and let you know what topics you need to give extra attention to.
  1. Use past exam papers – these will give you a better idea of what to expect in the real exams and offer examples of the sort of questions you might be asked.  Ask your teacher if they have any you can use.
  1. Practice makes perfect – past papers are also useful to try out your exam technique. Try completing a past paper under exam conditions to get a feel for what the real thing will be like.
  1. Take a break – regular breaks in between revision periods will improve your concentration. Listen to some music, watch the TV or go for a walk to relax before you go on to your next study session.
  1. Eat brain food – what you eat has a big impact on your study and how much information you actually take in.  Carbohydrates including fruit, vegetables and grains, and proteins such as fish, meat, milk and cheese will all improve your brain power.  Drinking lots of water instead of sugary or fizzy drinks will also help you to focus when you are revising.
  1. Try to enjoy it – you might be really stressed out but it will be worth it in the end. You are in control of your future so take the opportunity to do your best and make your mark.